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Laetitia Levy, Designer


WELCOME on my site


This website is a presentation of part of my design world.

 I am born in France. Well travelled. I’ve lived years in Africa, Canada, France and Israel.

I’ve studied at the Institut of Technology of Paris , business Management and Administration.

Then studied and graduated with Distinction Industrial Design at Carleton University, Canada.

 For me, Designing is a state of mind that applies to most things I come across or touch in my life. So as to make sure that I remain true to discovering the essence of my own ideas and imagination, I tend to avoid being influenced by external elements.

Indeed, I find most of my inspiration through my inner resources

 I use light to decode, clarify and define ideas, Energies to create life and movement; beauty to convey grace and harmony, and multiple techniques to translate these abstract concepts into a medium that can appeal to people and even move them.

 Most of my Designs are created around symbolic values or subliminal effects.

Practicality and purity are their hallmarks.

 For any comments or further details contact us.

 Laetitia Levy, the Designer. :

Or my commercial manager : 



Laetistyle, The Firm

About Laetistyle

Laetistyle was established in december 1995 by the French/ Israeli designer, Laetitia LEVY.

Ms Levy obtained her D.U.T, diploma in Business Management and Administration at the Institute of Technology University of Paris.

She also received with distinction her bachelor of Industrial design at the School of Industrial Design, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada.


 Laetistyle  both represents Laetistyle Design Studio and also designs and manufactures its owns products Line (Laetistyle Designs)


Laetistyle Design Studio


The Laetistyle Design Studio subcontracts design projects for companies and investors.

The work can be undertaken at any of the following pre-fabrication phases:

Market evaluation, ergonomic design, product research and development, and product definition and solution.

L.D.S. designs products for a variety of markets, in each case taking into consideration market size, needs and expectations. Markets can differ in their product criteria for quantity and visual language.


Other activity includes attending exhibitions, Interior Design, designing packaging, brochures, furniture accessories, restaurant supplies and sculptural table central pieces etc


Laetistyle Design


Laetistyle Design offers a proprietary collection of hand made quality finished objects .

The line is distinguished not only by its decorative features, but also by its quality, functionality and purity.

Since it was founded, Laetistyle has excelled in :

-          Products Design Development : LD currently offers over 150 designs on the market

-          Design awards and recognitions: Multiple magazine articles have been written about Laetistyle Design Products.

-          Some of the items have been featured on TV show (Canal + Bonaldi, 1997)

-          LD products has won the Packaging Award, Bronze Metal

-          Commercial attractiveness : LD supplies with its creations

- hotels (Hilton , Sheraton, Meridien)  , restaurants and exclusive stores (flower stores, wine and gourmet, cigars and man products, gift stores) (such as Davidoff of Geneva on Madisson av, UN boutiques, Rotem, Bauhaus Centre TA,…), .Museum stores (Tel-Aviv Museum, Jewish Museum of Paris and London) As well as Karlstadt (Germany), Birchgroove (England), Maison Cap, la Samaritaine,.(France) and enterprise gifts for TV5MONDE broadcast, Different Cultural French Institutes, Wafabank, Reuters, Hilton…), Royal Golf Rabat (Moroco) 

Laetistyle Design has successfully participated to the International exhibition of "Maison et Objet" in Paris (France) in 1997,1998, 2000 and 2001 and exhibited at the "Carrefour des Arts" in Rabat in Morocco in 1999, to the BNF of the National Library of François Mitterand (2001), …

For any further information contact Laetitia Lévy: 00 972 54 546 23 73 or  or


Laetistyle, Business Identity optimizer.

Provides an outstanding collection of elegant gift items and ritual Judaicot with contemporary lines, fully designed in Israel. An interesting spectrum of designs for  a wide range of domains such as holidays, tourists and Business gifts, decoration, restaurants, …; while using appropriately modern manufacturing technologies each designs keeps its unique Handmade quality specificity.

Laetistyle provides also Creative Leadership coaching, consultancy and trainings for individuals and in groups. The pertinent move toward self-actualization -gaining the appropriate tools, vision and motivation in order to becoming the architect of your own perspectives and destiny; and team building. and ; mobile# 972 054 546 23 73

Reference words: , designs; innovation; Industrial design; Interior design; Exhibition design; graphic design; Creativity process; Enterprise Identity; training; consultancy; leadership; coaching; facilitation; Modern;  Contemporary objects; Elegance; Business gifts; Corporation gift;  ; judaica; Israel; Hanoukia. Jewish holidays; hanouk;, Rosh achana; pessakh; Candle holder; Wine and spirits; Cigar ashtray; Flower holders; Trophies; Award statues; Events.

Laetistyle-Corp. Identity Optimizer (meaning Corporation Identity Optimizer)

Gift & creative leadership trainings

 Outstanding gift designs

Outstanding collection of elegant gift items and judaicot, designed in Israel for a wide market spectrum. Centre for creative leadership coaching, consultancy, facilitating and trainings for individuals and team building.




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